Tennis Court Builder

Tennis players have long enjoyed visiting local country clubs, high schools, neighborhood parks, gyms, and community centers to play tennis. However, as the owner of the facility, if you have an acrylic court, you have to invest in tennis court resurfacing every 3 to 5 years to make your courts last. And with the growing popularity and demand for pickleball courts, which type of court should you prioritize?

Rather than sacrifice either sport, Sport Court offers tennis court surfaces that are low maintenance, easy for our builders to install, and designed to last longer—guaranteed for 15 years. 

Your local, certified CourtBuilder™ will work with you from design to installation to help you create a custom tennis court based on your space and preferences.

Design Your Court!


Why Choose Sport Court Tennis Court Installation & Flooring?

By design, Sport Court’s modular, indoor and outdoor tennis court flooring systems can be installed in a fraction of the time of other sport surfaces, allowing complete gym retrofits and renovations or outdoor additions in just a few days.
Additionally, our flooring is:

  • Safe - We have designed our tennis court surfaces with safety in mind for novice players and professionals alike to reduce the risk of short- or long-term injuries.
  • Durable - Our courts are designed to be more durable and conducive to tennis play than hard courts made of acrylic and concrete.
  • Performance - Sport Court tiles absorb sudden shifts in direction for optimal performance, and you don’t have to worry about court cracks or court repairs.

With new color coating technology and patented UV protection, you’ll also receive the most vibrant, fade-resistant colors available—backed by the Sport Court warranty. Learn more about our professional-grade tennis courts.

How to Get Started



  1. Design Your Court - You can choose the dimensions, installation preferences, and colors of your court, as well as add extras like lighting or fencing.
  2. Contact a Local Sport Court Tennis CourtBuilder™ - Our tennis court installers are located throughout the country.
  3. Ask for Material & Construction Estimate - Once you have finalized your court design with your CourtBuilder, you’ll receive a final estimate before your install.
  4. Schedule Your Tennis Court Installation - When approved, a team will come install your outdoor or indoor tennis court flooring.
  5. Maintain Your Court - Our playing surfaces are very easy to maintain with little maintenance required.


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