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Bring the ball and racquets, we'll take care of the court! Sport Court's premium material creates high-performing, custom tennis courts in a range of lengths from 36' to 60' to full-sized courts for outdoor venues and indoor facilities.

Sport Court's highly customizable court material makes it possible to create tennis courts for athletes at every level of expertise. From the United States Tennis Association® to the amateur athlete, we build, resurface, install, and customize indoor home tennis courts, tennis courts for professional venues, and everything in between.

You can be confident because you’ll be getting a truly professional-grade court: both 36’ and 60’ Sport Court tennis courts have been used by the United States Tennis Association® for years.

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Between the long volleys and quick changes in direction, tennis is a physcially demanding sport. Each Sport Court product is thoughtfully engineered and extensively tested to ensure youth and adults alike are safe while learning, practicing and competing on our sufaces.

Sport Court's Lateral Forgiveness™ feature allows for slight movement between the tiles to absorb the transition forces generated from sudden shifts in direction, reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries.

The most important safety consideration of any sports surface is shock absorption: the ability of the floor to absorb the energy of an impact. Sport Court surfaces feature patented, vertical shock-absorbing grids to reduce the risk of short and long term injuries.