Bringing Community Together

The smiles, the laughter, the connections—this is what you envisioned for your community. And as a leader for parks and recreation centers, you can bring residents together through engagement and wellness strategies that empower them to live healthy and happy lives. One of the best ways to do this at an existing or new facility is building versatile indoor and outdoor courts for members of the community to play sports.

As you plan and design recreational areas for your city, consider the spaces you could create and community sports programs to facilitate. From volleyball to basketball to tennis and pickleball, Sport Court offers court materials that align with community needs.


Designing Indoor and Outdoor Courts

At Sport Court, we offer maximum playability and functionality to your new or refurbished indoor and outdoor courts at your recreation facilities. Our custom court solutions are designed with optimal:

  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Performance

When you’re building an open space for community members to come enjoy better quality of life, safety standards and accessibility matter. Sport Court tiles go through extensive testing to ensure our surfaces are safe for athletes of all ages, providing exceptional protection against abrasions, head injuries, and joint strain. This is accomplished through Sport Court’s Lateral Forgiveness feature, which allows for slight movement between tiles to absorb the transition forces generated from sudden shifts in direction, reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries. Additionally, Sport Court’s ADA-compliant, optional wheelchair ramp has its own set of safety standards for increased accessibility and peace of mind.

If that weren’t enough, we also keep your facility maintenance requirements and costs low with our innovative surface technology. The patented, interlocking, modular tiles are easy to maintain and can even be overlaid on outdated concrete, asphalt, and acrylic surfaces, so you can repurpose underutilized courts and free up space for more sports and recreational programming.


Design Your Court!

Starting Your Install

We have Sport Court CourtBuilders™ located near you who are ready to help you design your courts, finalize your estimate, and handle court installation on behalf of your Parks & Recreation department.

To get started, find a CourtBuilder™ near you or reach out to us and a Sport Court representative will be in touch.


Planning Events

Once your courts are installed, you can begin planning community sports programs and events to utilize playable surfaces and become the go-to sports complex in your community. See our courts in action below and the added benefits of our tile technology.