SportGame PB

Specially engineered for safety and performance in pickleball.


Why SportGame PB?

SportGame PB is an authentic sport surface, designed to last for over 15-years, that is specially engineered for recreational and competitive pickleball play while maximizing safety, reducing the risk of injury, and supporting physical play for hours at a time. Choose SportGame PB to provide your family and community a safe surface to enjoy the fastest growing sport in the USA!

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“It is exciting how much pickleball has grown in recent years and we want everyone to play the game that we love so much. Sport Court’s new and innovative pickleball-specific surface is better than any other modular surface we’ve tried. The traction and ball bounce result in a very fun game. We are excited to see Sport Court pickleball courts popping up around the country, providing families and individuals more opportunities to play.”
—Pickleball Pros Matt Wright & Lucy Kovalova


Sport Court is the Official Modular Tile Surface Partner of USA Pickleball


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