Sport Court's Golden Legacy: 50 Years of Sporting Excellence

As Sport Court celebrates its 50th anniversary, we reflect on an incredible journey over the past five decades. From backyard courts to gym floors, Sport Court has consistently delivered top-notch sports surfaces, fostering champions and creating lasting memories. This milestone is a testament to Sport Court's commitment to enduring, safe, and high-quality multi-purpose courts. The legacy is built on hard work, with CourtBuilders™ transforming spaces into arenas of sport, unity, and fitness.

Sport Court has been integral to countless stories of bonding, competition, and fun. Backyard courts have become central hubs for families, promoting active and healthy lifestyles. Beyond providing playing surfaces, Sport Court is about crafting memories that last a lifetime.

The 50th anniversary embodies a legacy of excellence, safety, and inspiration. Sport Court remains dedicated to leading in sports flooring solutions, promising exciting advancements in the next fifty years. Here's to half a century of building champions, nurturing talent, and creating enduring memories.


Memories From Staff & Dealers

Listen to some of Sport Court's longest-tenured employees and dealers as they share their experiences, favorite memories, and what has made Sport Court an amazing place to work over the last fifty years.