Commercial Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball Flooring

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America, which makes new pickleball court construction a priority for many sports facilities, gyms, and schools. Whether you’re looking to build pickleball courts at a community recreation facility, sprawling park, or school gymnasium, our commercial pickleball flooring is just what your community needs.

You can trust our local CourtBuilders™ to deliver safe play surfaces that offer Lateral Forgiveness™, shock absorption, and exceptional traction. Outdoor and indoor pickleball courts are the perfect way to safely keep members of your community healthy, active, and connected. With environmentally friendly, patented material and quick, custom installations, Sport Court will provide champions of all ages high-performing pickleball courts. Our pickleball surfaces also offer enhanced playability and exceptional durability with minimal maintenance required, meaning teams can play for hours.

Design Your Court!



We have been building sport court surfaces for 50 years, which has led us to engineer authentic pickleball flooring for optimal game play.


UV stabilizers and patented formulas keep commercial pickleball courts looking great and playing at peak performance.


We develop surfaces for optimal bounce and response to maximize play in a safe way.


Flooring absorbs shock, lessening impact and risk of injuries. Our formula balances wet and dry traction.


Official Modular Tile Surface Partner of USA Pickleball.


“It is exciting how much pickleball has grown in recent years and we want everyone to play the game that we love so much. Sport Court’s new and innovative pickleball-specific surface is better than any other modular surface we’ve tried. The traction and ball bounce result in a very fun game. We are excited to see Sport Court pickleball courts popping up around the country, providing families and individuals more opportunities to play.”

- Pickleball Pros Matt Wright & Lucy Kovalova


How to Get Started

  1. Design Your Court. Choose your court’s dimensions, installation preferences, and material colors, then add additional elements like lighting, fencing, or a rebound system. 
  2. Contact Your Local Sport Court CourtBuilder. We have local Sport Court CourtBuilders located around the country. Find one near you. 
  3. Ask for an Estimate. Finalize your court design with your local CourtBuilder and receive a final estimate for your space. 
  4. Schedule a Professional Installation. We offer professional installation services of our  pickleball surfaces, which can be installed in a matter of days. Learn more about the process, and schedule your professional installation today. 
  5. Maintain Your Court. SportCourts are easy to maintain—-just give them a quick wash between hours of fun on the court.


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