Commercial Sports Flooring


Premium Sports Flooring for Diverse Commercial Venues

Sport Court puts communities and players first. That is why businesses rely on Sport Court to increase customer satisfaction. CourtBuilders™ are leading industry professionals who dive into the details of design, construction, and installation so business owners can focus on everything else. And Sport Court guarantees responsive support from service champions.

Sport Court's gym flooring provides a versatile sports flooring solution, ideal for churches, K-12 schools, community centers, fitness centers, parks and recreation facilities, and others across the USA. Our commercial indoor and outdoor flooring ensures optimal shock absorption, offers excellent traction, and allows customization with your organization’s colors and logos.

From daily fitness routines in community centers to rigorous school basketball and volleyball contests, Sport Court's commercial sports flooring products are the best for durability and performance.

Discover our patented materials and see how Sport Court's indoor gym and outdoor flooring solutions are industry-leading in terms of safety and ease of maintenance.

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Commercial Indoor Sports Flooring

Sport Court's certified CourtBuilders are licensed, insured and bonded, and have undergone rigorous training, meaning your facility will be done right the first time and will last a lifetime. 

Our indoor gym floors provide the traction, shock absorption and look of traditional hardwood courts without the need for yearly resurfacing. We provide sports flooring for numerous sports – basketball and volleyball are popular options – and we have multisport options as well!

Commercial Outdoor Sports Flooring

Sports bring communities together. Turn your unused field or existing concrete court into a gathering place where all can play safely. Create a space that fosters friendships, strengthens values, and builds champions.

Sport Court’s products such as outdoor basketball courts, pickleball courts, and volleyball courts are perfect for schools and local parks. Sport Court also supplies multisport courts to meet your community’s needs.


Choose Your Right Facility 

Sports Court’s indoor and outdoor commercial products are great for numerous facilities. For decades, we’ve been building a place to play for teams and communities across the globe. Our easy maintenance, safety features, and customizable designs surpass the expectations of coaches, athletes, builders, architects, and facility owners.

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