Indoor & Outdoor Volleyball Court Flooring for Every Community

How will you serve up a great time for volleyball champions in your area? Whether local teams are looking to play in the sun or inside year-round, we offer custom indoor and outdoor volleyball court flooring and construction for sports facilities, gyms, parks, schools, and community centers.

By design, Sport Court modular indoor and outdoor volleyball court flooring systems are safe. With Lateral Forgiveness™ and reduced risk of skin abrasion, athletes around town can play for hours without strain or injury. And volleyball court construction can be completed in a fraction of the time compared to other sports surfaces. Requiring little to no demolition or additional preparation, park installations, complete gym retrofits, and facility renovations can be done in a matter of days.

Our local CourtBuilders™ specialize in volleyball courts for schools, parks, and community centers. CourtBuilders deliver safe, environmentally friendly surfaces for optimal volleyball player performance. Just choose a color and design that fits the design and color scheme of your facility, community park, or school, and our experts will start planning your new volleyball court construction project.

Design Your Court!



We have been building sport court surfaces for 50 years, which has led us to engineer authentic pickleball flooring for optimal game play.


Our patented volleyball court flooring is thoughtfully engineered, manufactured, and tested to provide safety and durability for years to come.


Our play surfaces create the best spaces for indoor and outdoor volleyball games, customized to reflect the uniqueness of your facility and surrounding community.


Sport Court volleyball court flooring is engineered and extensively tested to ensure all players are safe during games and practice.


We are committed to volleyball court quality, which is why we only allow authorized CourtBuilders to build our courts.



Many of the world’s leading sports association trust Sport Court for their athletes. Our products are used at the highest levels of competition by the USA Volleyball Olympic National Teams, the NCAA Men's and Women's Volleyball Championships, the Youth Olympic Games, US Soccer Foundation and the Japanese professional basketball league.

Sport Court is the Official Supplier for:

  • NCAA
  • USAV
  • VC
  • FIVB
  • FIBA

How To Get Started

  1. Design Your Court. Choose your court’s dimensions, installation preferences, and material colors. 
  2. Contact Your Local Sport Court CourtBuilder. We have CourtBuilders located around the country. Find one near you. 
  3. Ask for an Estimate. Finalize your court design with your local CourtBuilder and receive a final estimate for your space. 
  4. Schedule a Professional Installation. We offer professional installation services for our  volleyball courts, which can be installed in a matter of days. Learn more about the process, and schedule your professional installation today. 
  5. Maintain Your Court. Sport Courts are extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Get Started!